Pet Policy at Lime Hollow

Pet Policy at Lime Hollow

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In keeping with the Constitution and Mission Statement of Lime Hollow Nature Center, which we are legally responsible to observe, we have had to institute a "No Dogs" policy on all trails and property under our ownership. This restriction applies to all dogs, and all pets, leashed or not. We regret the inconvenience this policy may cause.

Lime Hollow's Mission is "to provide year-round environmental education and recreation opportunities through the utilization and protection of the natural and cultural attributes of the Lime Hollow area," and our Constitution requires that this is to be achieved by providing "the opportunity for observation, recreation, and research, and in connection therewith, to serve as custodian of such properties as may be assigned to it."

By their very nature, dogs are a threat to wildlife. They leave behind them traces of their presence that causes wildlife to take cover or leave the area, which greatly reduces the opportunity for observation and diminishes the value of our trails and natural areas for the purposes for which we have been formed. Dogs may also be a threat to persons on our trails, and it is our aim to provide a safe recreational and educational experience for all people.

Please note, a portion of the Lehigh Valley Trail is dog-friendly -- east from Gracie Road to the Lamont Circle Community Park. We ask that you please leash and curb your dog.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.