Lime Hollow Nature Center
Peaceful Pond at Lime Hollow

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Art at Lime Hollow Visitor CenterWelcome to Lime Hollow Nature Center, where the wonders of the natural world come alive each and every day! We hope you'll join us on our beautiful trails, at our informative public programs, or for a week of our playful adventure-themed day camps.

Improved health; enhanced intellectual capacity; an eco-friendly mindset; and a sense of harmony with the land and elements around us... These are only a few of the profound benefits that can develop from a deep understanding of, and appreciation for, the great outdoors. And, importantly, we can accrue these benefits regardless of age, gender, race, or socio-economic background.

Known for its marl ponds, streams, forests, fields, beaver ponds, a peat bog, and plenty of diverse flora and fauna -- Lime Hollow currently encompasses and protects hundreds of acres of unspoiled green space. You -- and our critters, of course -- can enjoy it all...

Lime Hollow - it's where you belong!

  • approximately 430 acres of property
  • 12 miles of trails
  • an average of 30,000 visitors annually
  • school groups and day-camp attendance of over 3,000
  • a summer camp that serves approximately 1,000 area youth
  • a dedicated membership of approximately 400 families
  • and a handicap-accessible “Trail for All,” located near our newly-built Visitor’s Center.

Lime Hollow Visitor Center

Complete with an installed solar array, a composting toilet, and geothermal heating and cooling, our Center includes a central exhibit space, a bird education room and observatory, nature-inspired artwork, several modular interpretive displays, and a gift shop.


Visitor Center Exhibits