Lime Hollow Nature Center
Covered Bridge at the Lime Hollow Visitor Center

Our Vision

Mission Statement

To provide year-round environmental education and recreation opportunities through utilization and protection of the natural and cultural attributes of the Lime Hollow area.


Lime Hollow’s primary Goals are to:

  • Assist all people in the development of environmental awareness, appreciation, knowledge, commitment and skills;
  • Provide low-impact, nature-based recreation opportunities; and
  • Protect, through employment of wise-use management techniques, an ecologically diverse unique natural and aquifer recharge area currently known as Lime Hollow.


In the next 5-7 years, Lime Hollow will…

  • Provide and expand experiential environmental education opportunities for life-long learning that are recognized for their excellence.
  • Improve our physical facilities in support of our educational goals, to exemplify our stewardship commitment, to facilitate growth, and to provide maximum accessibility to our natural assets and physical facilities.
  • Increase our human, financial, and institutional resources.
  • Complete a comprehensive land management plan, which will include an accurate inventory of our resources with the intent of eliminating invasive and non-native species while increasing native diversity.
  • Demonstrate and model sustainable and “green” practices.


Beliefs and Values

We value and believe in…

  • The inquiring minds of all people (especially children) and their innate desire to learn.
  • Learning natural history and conservation through hands-on and field experiences is a necessary and significant component in the proper development of every person, especially children.
  • The idea that everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner.
  • Enhancing lives by developing a sense of wonder and providing close contact with nature.
  • Environmental education as a means of promoting lifelong behaviors that protect the natural world.
  • Teaching environmental stewardship by example.
  • The intrinsic value of green space and wilderness areas.
  • Advancing our mission by maintaining a welcoming, friendly, and high-integrity atmosphere.
  • Nurturing volunteerism, community involvement, and active citizenship.
  • The synergy of teamwork, and its key ideals: mutual respect, honesty, open-mindedness, and open communication.